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How to Comb My Curly Hair? – Translated by: Nashwa Salman – Author: Zaineb Dellil – Illustrator: Sarah Khidawi (11 years)

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?How to Comb My Curly Hair

Author: Zineb Dalile

Illustrator: Sarah khidaoui (11 years)

Translated by: Nashwa Salman

This day wasn’t like any other day of Sarah’s life. She was invited, for the first time, to attend a cheerful party at her friend Nora’s house. Sarah wore her special dress, shined her golden shoes, and decorated her neck with a sparkling pearl necklace and her ears with sparkling earrings.

But she still needs to style her curly hair, which is the most difficult part for her, to be ready for the party. “I wouldn’t have any trouble styling my hair if it was straight,” said Sarah to herself while she is looking at the mirror. It is almost time for the party and Sarah still doesn’t know how to do her hair.

What will she do now? Would she leave it down? “No…No…No, it’ll look like a goblin’s hair”, said Sarah. Would she put it up in a ponytail? “No…No…No, it’ll look like a volcano eruption”, Sarah said. Sarah looked at the mirror several times.

Then, she felt that her blowzy hair is growing longer and thicker, resembling a scary willow tree. Sarah thought and thought and looked around her room.

Suddenly, she jumped from her place and came closer to a picture hanging on the wall. It was a very beautiful picture of Sarah in her mother’s bosom, who was looking charming with her hair pulled and tied to the right side. Sarah looked at the mirror again and said, “Finally, I know what I am going to do!” Then, she hurried up and pulled her hair to the right side and tied it with a golden hair tie that matched her shoes.

“Now I look pretty exactly like my mom,” Sarah said with confidence. Her friend Nora was so happy to see her and hugged her tightly, and she admiringly said, “You are brilliant today, Sarah!” Sarah joined her friends at the party, and she had a fun time with them. At the end of the party, she took a photo of herself to hang it up on the wall next to her mother’s beautiful picture.


To read the original story in Arabic, click on this link

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