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Terms and Conditions of Use

Please read the following terms and conditions of use:

The main objective of creating these terms and conditions is to ensure compliance with the terms and provisions of use and to implement the content therein. Therefore, you are required to carefully read the terms of use of the website (Kidzooon) whose web address is ( By browsing the website, you commit to complying with these terms and conditions, in order to protect public and private rights, copyright and copying rights, as well as intellectual property rights in general.

All content on the Kidzooon website, including articles, images, explanations, templates, and any other content of different types, whether audible, visual, written, or illustrated, is owned by its creators. The author or source of each article or piece of information is mentioned at the end of each article. Under no circumstances are you allowed to copy these articles or content in any way and attribute this content to yourself. Kidzooon retains all legal and civil rights related to its exclusive products, articles, and translated topics, as indicated at the end of each article. Please note that copying any content and attributing it to someone other than the rightful owner may lead to legal consequences.

The blog management understands that you might refer to one or more contents of the blog or wish to share them for educational purposes. In such cases, you must not attribute the content to yourself. Instead, you should mention the content’s source and provide the link leading to it.

The use of cookies may be employed to ensure faster loading of the blog. We have taken measures to ensure that these files, known as cookies, created by Blogger, do not cause any harm. However, we are not responsible for any damage resulting from misuse, lack of awareness, or any other cause related to these files. For more information, you can refer to the link: “HOW GOOGLE USES COOKIES.”

Deliberate clicking on advertisements is discouraged by Kidzooon. Clicking on advertisements should only be done if you genuinely want to view the content of the advertisement. While efforts are made to ensure the safety of advertisement content, Kidzooon is not responsible for any changes in the content for any reason.

All services provided by Kidzooon are free unless explicitly stated otherwise. We only engage through the official Kidzooon website and its announced pages. We are not partners with any other entities, and we are not responsible for any fraudulent activities carried out by others. Ensure that you only interact with the blog’s official administration.

The content on the Kidzooon website represents the thoughts of various writers and individuals, which might differ from your own. You must acknowledge that each individual has their own opinion, even if it contradicts yours. When leaving a comment on the blog, make sure not to violate laws, religious beliefs, incite against any entity, company, country, or individual, or engage in terrorism, destruction, or any form of piracy. Violating posts will be removed, and the relevant authorities will be notified.

Additional terms and conditions may be changed or added over time. It is your responsibility to regularly review the terms of use. If you encounter any problems or have questions regarding any section of the blog, you can contact the blog’s administrator through the “Contact Us” page or directly via email at


Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy and currency of the information on this blog. However, Kidzooon, its affiliates, and its administrators do not bear any legal responsibility for the content of the Kidzooon website or for not meeting the reader’s needs. They are not liable for any losses, claims, or consequences resulting from reading this website or due to improper use of software, tools, or information available on this website.

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