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Sameer and the ball – Author: Hadda. L. – Translated by: Jamal Al-Shammari

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Sameer and the ball

Author: Hadda. L

Translated by: Jamal Al-Shammari

She used to live in a happy family in the city, and she had a single child named “Samir” who was spoiled. He did what came to his mind, and he did not care .. Although his father advised him not to play in the streets, he neglected his parents on the weekend, and got up early and took the ball, then looked From the window, he said, “People are sleeping and the roads are empty of cars.” He rushed to the street, called “Nader” and “Salem” and all the comrades and met and said, “We are ready to throw the ball like world champions.” Samir threw the ball to the guys, and started running in the streets !!

Their enthusiasm increased even more, so they toured the streets and suddenly “Nader” hit the ball hard, causing strong knocks on the neighbors’ door.

Nader was afraid and hid with the rest of his comrades behind the wall.

The neighbor opened the door and shouted, “They are the quarrelsome boys.” Then he returned home and closed the door.

The children set off to complete their game between the roads, so “Samir” hit the ball to knock out the belongings of an old woman that was passing by, so they rushed to her, helping her to collect the items, and brought them to her home, asking her for forgiveness.

The old woman: “I forgave you boys, but take my advice, because the road is dangerous, and it may happen unless it is taken into account.” The old children bid farewell, and threw the ball between them, mastered the game and then returned to their beard.

“Samir” picked up the ball and fell without noticing in a hole !! The children screamed and tried to get “Samir” out, but the hole is deep, so they called for his father and the neighbors, so they took him out with his broken leg and he was taken to hospital.

The comrades visited him, and saw sadness on his face, and he asked them not to play again in the streets, and that what happened to him would be a lesson for everyone, then he asked his father for forgiveness and said: “I will be obedient and do nothing without your permission anymore.”

After weeks, “Samir” regained his health and did not play football on the road, so as not to harm passers-by and neighbors. He chose to play ball in spacious places, in the park or in the sports stadium, and was supported by all loyal comrades.


Author: Hadda. L
Translated by: Jamal Al-Shammari


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