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Muhannad chooses honesty – By: Eman Awad -Translated by: Nashwa Salman

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Muhannad chooses honesty

By: Eman Awad

Translated by: Nashwa Salman

Muhannad awoke early to find his mom and dad still sleeping, his family just got a new baby the day before.

It was a wonderful day full of surprises.

Muhanned now has a baby sister, Mariam.

Muhannad woke up joyfully the next day. He found his younger brother “Mohamed” was already awake. Muhamed was really hungry.

“I’m 6 years old now. I can prepare breakfast for my brother”, thought Muhanned.

He poured some milk in a small cup and put the cheese on a plate, then took the jam to put on the plate too.



Oh my God,

The jar has broken.

His dad woke up and headed to the kitchen.

Muhanned heard footsteps approaching.

“Oh, my dad will be so mad at me!. What if I told him my younger brother is the one who broke it?

I guess he wouldn’t be as angry as he would if he knew I was the one! Should I tell the truth or lie?

Is he going to forgive me or be mad at me?

Anyway, I will tell the truth, so God will be proud of me. Honesty is always the right thing to do, they taught me in school”, though Muhanned to himself.

His dad rushed into the kitchen.

“What is this, Muhanned? What broke?”, asked Muhanned’s dad.

“Oh, I’m sorry, dad. I wanted to make breakfast for my brother, he was hungry. I wanted to help mom, because she is tired and I didn’t want to wake you up”, answered Muhanned.

“Thank you, Muhanned for your kindness and nice words. But be careful not to break things next time, it might hurt your hand”, said his dad.

“Sorry, dad. I will not do it again”, said Muhanned.

“It’s okay, Muhanned, we all make mistakes, your good intention is enough”, said muhanned’s dad.


To read the original story in Arabic, click on this link

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