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Adrita Goswami: a self published teenage author and illustrator of children’s books

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 Adrita Goswami

a self published teenage author and illustrator of children’s books

About Adrita Goswami:

Adrita Goswami is a self published teenage author and illustrator of children’s books. She began spinning tales of fantasy and adventure when she was six, and wrote her first fairy tale book “A World Beyond The Rainbow” at the age of thirteen. Her other fairy tales include “The Magical Garden,” and “Little White Angel.” When she is not writing, Adrita enjoys reading, painting, listening to music and spending time with animals. As a student, her favorite subjects include Literature, Psychology and Art. She loves to hear from readers and is presently working on her next books.

Adrita Goswami accounts:



Adrita Goswami books:

A World Beyond The Rainbow:

On a rainy day, Iris saves a beautiful butterfly from the clutches of a spider. To her surprise, the butterfly turns into a lovely rainbow fairy. The fairy takes Iris to a wonderful world beyond the rainbow… Explore the magical world of fairies in this beautifully illustrated children’s book.

You can buy A World Beyond The Rainbow on Amazon:

The Magical Garden:

 One spring evening, little Eva comes across a mysterious hollow oak tree while playing hide and seek with her pet squirrel Chestnut. The hollow tree leads her to a magical garden where strange creatures live and butterfly fairies flutter among the flowers. Read the story to find out what adventures await Eva and Chestnut in the magical garden. 

You can buy The Magical Garden on Amazon:

Little White Angel:

 This is the story of a little white dove named Angel and his journey to freedom. When the little dove gets blown away in a storm, Princess Olivia saves his life and keeps him in a golden cage in the royal garden. Little Angel slowly grows up in the golden cage and longs for freedom. Will Angel ever achieve his dream?

You can buy Little White Angel on Amazon:

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